HOW TO: Animated SWF files in Prezi

Prezi do not support animated SWF files

New version of Prezi will not support SWF files with Action Script. More about it you can read here:

All animated SWF files in Prezi which I mentioned are officially not supported. Prezi stopped supporting them in spring 2013.
In practice, the Action Script 2 animation does work in Prezi, but in the future they will drop these ones as well, since the new engine won't support it at all. The change is needed probably because Prezi wants to unify the app for devices including Windows users and iOS users as well with all devices (iPhone and iPad).

Benefits from applying Flash animations

SWF animations are very useful to give more dynamic to a presentation. Despite of the fact that they were looped, you could arrange the content in the nice way that they suit very nicely to the Prezi presentation. The example of a presentation with animated SWF files you can see here.

The presentation was designed for truck drivers training and in order to explain different topics and cases about driving big trucks.

Solution: inserting animated SWF files in your Prezi

Even when Prezi introduce the new engine for their code, there is a solution to use animated SWF files. Below are some following steps you need to take.

  1. Your animation in SWF files needs to be saved with Action Script 2. If action script is higher, then animations will not work.
  2. All your local presentations need to be saved as PEZ files, otherwise there is a risk that you lose them. The older version of the Prezi Desktop did not have a separate folders for synced Prezis and stored only on the computer. That is why you need to save them one by one.
  3. Download Prezi Desktop - as far as we checked, Prezi Desktop version 4 is still supporting the animated SWF files. You need to download mentioned version and install it on your computer.
  4. Design your Prezi and add all your animated SWF files.
  5. Save your Prezi as Portable.
  6. Present your Prezi from your computer.

Problems with SWF animations in Prezi

There are some disadvantages of such an approach.

  1. You probably will not be able to upload your Prezi presentation to

Why? When Prezi change their engine, they will not support animations. All you are going to see when watching your Prezi on the website are first frames of the animation without the motion.

  1. You can’t share your Prezi easily and it will be difficult to work on the Prezi with others.

Prezi presentation saved as portable is very large. Even a 2-slides presentation could have more than 50MB. It will be hard to send it by e-mail. But  remember about new cool apps like Dropbox or which can help here.


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