TOP 3 – The best 2015 Super Bowl commercials

Super Bowl is a unique event. It’s not only about sports but also about clever and creative commercials. Each year during the Super Bowl 100 million Americans sit in front of TVs and cheer their football heroes while the rest of the world is curiously awaiting the brand new ads made by marketing artists. Commercial breaks during the Super Bowl are the most expensive airtime in the USA – and maybe even in the whole world – so it is no wonder that every influential brand is trying its best to provide the audience with something special.

Coca-Cola “Make it happy”

Coca-Cola has been utilizing storytelling for decades – with great results. No wonder, considering the fact that Coca-Cola is basically water with added sugar, caffeine and coloring. The market is full of similar beverages and that’s the reason, why the brand had chosen an approach far beyond standard procedures. Marketing artists from the Coca-Cola Company have focused on building strong associations between the product and positive emotions – in this ad the beverage is something that brings people joy, soothes their sorrows and the savage breast.

Budweiser "Lost Dog"

Budweiser knows how to build stories that sell its product. This lovely ad is a part of a campaign centered around the wordplay ‘bud’ and ‘Budweiser’. Beer does not make a single appearance in the commercial. It doesn’t have to. The audience becomes involved in the interesting story with a sweet puppy as its main protagonist – who doesn’t love puppies, right? Marketing artists from Budweiser are trying to create associations between the product and one particular feeling, namely friendship.  Having fun, going out and spending quality time with friends…Budweiser. This is the sequence of associations that the creators of this ad want us to memorize.

Always, „Like a Girl”

The ultimate number one! Always thought out of the box and created a gender equality campaign focused on women – its primary and only target. The main goal of this commercial is to confront unfair stereotypes that have entered the common language. ‘You run like a girl!’ – do people who keep saying that as an insult think that it is degrading or shameful to be a woman?

Smart guys from Always deserve a lot of appreciation for their brilliant idea. Defending femininity in terms of equality will undoubtedly have a measurable payoff.  It’s all about the universal fight against shame that the masculine world has been trying to impose on women. Campaigns such as this one could potentially help draw more attention to the absurd nature of inequality and bring more balance to the society.

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