HOW TO: Download your Prezi

1. Choose your Prezi

Go to 'Your Prezis'- there you can open all your presentations. Choose a Prezi you want to save on your hard drive by clicking on its title or miniature.

2. Save it on your hard drive

As you can see, there are lot of buttons below your Prezi. Click on 'Download'.

After clicking on it, following windows will appear:

You’ve got two options. The first one allows you to download your Prezi and play it on your computer, even when offline. Although there is one catch – If your Prezi contains YouTube videos, internet access is necessary.

If you’ve got your Prezi Desktop installed, you can also download editable version of your Prezi. 

Confirm your choice by clicking on 

After choosing editable version of your Prezi, you will receive a compressed package filled with all files used in the presentation and .PEZ file which you can import to Prezi Desktop.


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