HOW TO: Prezi licenses - easy choice

Bored of PowerPoint and its linear presentations? Even the newest transitions between slides suck and you’re looking for something fresh? Meet Prezi, the best alternative for Microsoft’s software.

What should you know before choosing the right Prezi license?

Prezi is based on SaaS model – Software as a Service. It means there’s a license fee you have to pay annually. There is also a free version of Prezi, called Public. In order to get register Prezi Public account, you should visit, go to Pricing and click on ‘Use Prezi for Free’.

You can also click here.

The first thing to consider is the difference between paid licenses and free account. After clicking on ‘Pricing’ we see a comparison. In this article I’m going to explain all features included in available licenses.

1. Starting our Prezi presentation

Free account is sufficient to learn Prezi. This account has 95% of all functions available in paid licenses – including adding texts, pics, graphics, icons, setting up templates etc.

Free Prezi account has some limitations – every presentation you made is public, everyone can see it. Every Prezi user can enter a matching keyword and find your work. Another limitation is Prezi logo visible during presentations in the lower left corner of every slide.

2. Access to Prezi presentation

Depending on the type of an account, there are various accessibilities. All licenses allow editing online, in web browser.

Pro account gives you the access to Prezi app, which you can install on your computer and create presentations offline. App allows you to save all your presentations on HDD and synchronize them with online account (Prezi cloud).

3. How many presentations can I save?

Every license has certain memory limit. If we consider a presentation made of 30 slides, it looks like this:

  • Public account – 100MB / ca 15 presentations;
  • Enjoy account – 4GB / ca 560 presentations;
  • Pro account – unlimited storage in cloud – furthermore, you can save your presentations on your hard drive.

4. Privacy of your Prezi presentation

Within Public (Free) account, all your presentations are visible to anyone. If you want to create a presentation which includes some confidential information, you should consider the risk of revealing them. As It was said before, every Prezi user can find your work, If you’d choose Public account.

Paid licenses (Enjoy and Pro) include privacy management. It means you can decide which presentations is private and which is public. You can also share your work with a small group of users.

5. Data privacy

Data security specialists from big companies often ask: OK, all my presentations are set as private, but I know that my work is stored on servers somewhere in US – is it really safe?

Happily, there is a solution – Pro account which allows you to install Prezi app on your computer, create presentations offline and not synchronize them with the cloud. All your work is now stored on HDD.

6. Playing and viewing

Presentation sharing is enabled on any type of Prezi account. You can copy a link and send it to anyone by e-mail. Everyone can play it – even non-user.

In order to play your presentation, you can also download it on your hard drive. This version of presentations is called Prezi Portable. It consists of your presentation and Viewer. Thanks to Viewer, you can play your presentation offline, on any hardware. It’s an ideal option for travelers. You can download your presentation and save it on HDD, flash drive or smartphone.

There is a serious flaw of this solution – downloaded presentation often requires a lot of free space. 30 slides need ca 90 MB, therefore it’s hard to send it by e-mail. In this case we recommend, or FTP.

7. Logo of your company

Prezi allows you to add a logo of your company, which appears on the lower left corner of every slide. This position is fixed – you can’t change it. Remember that own logo attaching is available only when you’re on Enjoy or Pro account. If you choose Free Prezi account, you won’t be able to do it – Prezi logo will appear on every slide.

8. Photo editing

Paid licenses offer you a very valuable thing – expanded photo editing. Pro and Enjoy accounts give you additional tools, filters and frames. Free Prezi account doesn’t provide you with such a complex functionality.

9. Support from Prezi

Free Prezi account gives you an access to Prezi docs – there you can search for articles and movies required to solve your problem.

Paid licenses come with full support from Prezi’s staff. You can describe your issue and send it directly to them. Prezi employees will help you and even enter your presentation to guide you through.

10. License for your team

If you need to buy a large amount of licenses, you should consider Prezi plan for teams. It’s simple – f. e. 10 licenses Pro (159$) cost 1590$. Remember – asking for a discount is always smart :)

This license has a big advantage – it allows your team to work with one Prezi template. One bill for all licensed accounts is an additional perk.


Summary – here’s what you need to know:

  1. Free account is sufficient to learn Prezi and use it professionally
  2. If Prezi presentations includes some confidential data, you should choose a paid license
  3. All licenses allow you to save your presentation on HDD and play it offline
  4. If you share a link to presentation, anyone who clicks it can see your work – even a non-user.

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