8 web apps for social media marketing


1. Hootsuite – social media automation

Who's got the time for sitting on Facebook or Twitter all day? Am I right? Meet Hootsuite, a free (with some premium options) planning tool for social media. If you dream about fast career as a social media guy for some big brand, try it!

PS: I know from my own experience that when it comes to Facebook it's better to choose its own planning tool - Hootsuite sometimes got some problems with post composition.

2. Brand24 – brand monitoring

A well-know Polish start-up. Pick any phrase and check the references in multi-channel internet communication. You can easily search through Twitter, Facebook and forums posts looking for statements about your company. Big brands use Branda24 in order to put out the flames before it turns into a raging fire.

PS: Get your communication strategy right! Even when they criticize your brand, don't take it personal and don't try to fight back. Follow the way of the rational argument.

3. Positionly – SEO 101

Another Polish web app. Positionly offers daily monitoring of your SEO performance (keywords and backlinks). You can also check how is your competitor doing on that field. Must have for SEO professionals and e-commerce owners. Click here to find more information about plans and pricing. 

PS: If you sign up for a free trial, expect a phone call from Positionly customer service. Don't be scared - you can get a better deal :)

4. MailChimp – the easiest mailing ever

Despite of people being tired of the omnipresent spam, mailing remains a noteworthy communication channel. If you need to quickly create a beautiful message for your subscribers - then Mailchimp is your friend. The drag and drop formula is really easy to use for literally everyone. After sending your campaign you can monitor its performance in real time - who opened the message, who clicked on links etc. You can also integrate your Mailchimp account with many other webservices - f.e. Shopify.

PS: Free account is suitable for most small web companies.

5. Canva and Piktochart – visual content for everyone

Photoshop sounds like black magic to you? Don't worry! Those two web apps are your life saviors. They allow you to create aesthetically pleasing image for your website, blog or social media channel. 

PS: Those are free apps, but some of resources (backgrounds, layouts, icons etc.) are paid. If you're looking for some free pics, try this article.

6. Prezi – amazing presentations

Multimedial presentations are crucial in many situations - conferences, financial overviews, business negotiations, sales meetings and so on. Prezi, a presentation designing tool originated in Hungary, gives you a huge space for your creations and allows you to achieve outstanding zooming and 3D effects. Good ol' Power Point just can't compete. With Prezi you can build comprehensive mind maps that are very easy for our brains to digest. Wanna see an example of Prezi presentation? Click here

PS: Learn more about Prezi licenses from our previous blog entry.

7. Sidekick – your mailing spy

A must-have for salesmen sending thousands of business pitches on a daily basis. This mail client add-on gives you a priceless insight into your potential clients. You can see who opened your message and who clicked on attached links.

 PS: Sadly, some mailing servers are immune to Sidekick - so don't be suprised when you won't receive any feedback from time to time.

8. Instapage – easy landing pages

In e-commerce, landing page are very useful - there is no doubt. Instapage is a dream come true for those who can't code in HTML, CSS or Java. The drag and drop interface is really easy to use. When you're done creating, publish your page on WordPress, custom domain or .instapage.com.

PS: Free Instapage account has some serious limitations. You got only 100 views per month and publish only one active landing page at the time. 

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