How to start with Prezi - 5 tips for beginners

Today I asked Adam Stachowski, a Prezi master and CEO at Ziload, to share some tips for beginners. Here’s what he told me:

Tip #1 — think different

Forget Power Point, forget the slides. Prezi is an utterly innovative presentation tool with totally different creating philosophy. It gives you a huge canvas for your imagination. You are no longer limited by those conservative and boring rectangles.

Tip #2 — make a plan

Freedom that Prezi offers can be tricky. Before starting a presentation, make a plan. On paper, just like old times. It’s crucial If you’re feeling overwhelmed by the unlimited space. Consider your plan as a movie scenario. Build it step by step, scene after scene. Have fun!

Tip #3 — use SWF files

Prezi allows you to freely zoom in and zoom out. It’s a fantastic feature which makes your presentation visually stunning. But you have to remember that not every image is suitable! If you use a low resolution picture, It looks just horrible. To create a professional Prezi with an outstanding zooming effect, you should use SWF files. You’ll find them here.

Tip #4 — what makes a good Prezi

Your presentations is really good when it clearly explains the given topic and it’s hard to forget. Having said that, you should focus on the logic structure of your Prezi. Use well-know symbols, build transparent connections between elements. Find the balance between simplicity and complexity. Prefer images over words.

Tip #5 — avoid the motion sickness

When someone sees Prezi for the first time, it’s like:

“Wow! It’s so cool! I can zoom anywhere I want! Look how fast I can move from slide to slide!”

It’s perfectly normal, I had the same feeling too. But when it comes to your audience, you should consider their well-being! Some people are very sensitive and just can’t stand watching fast moving and rotating things. You should calm these things down ☺ Make a gentle transitions between the slides.

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