How to make a video out of Prezi

You can create a video out of your Prezi presentation. Here is a sample:


 Prezi allows you to loop your presentation, but in order to do it, you need a computer connected to TV. You can’t play a Prezi directly on your TV.

How to play your Prezi presentation without a computer?

The easiest way is to convert your Prezi presentation to a video file. In order to do it, you need to record a Prezi from your computer screen. To make a video out of a Prezi, I use Movavi software. There are also other applications like Camtasia or free screen video recorders. Movavi gives you two tools: recording of your screen in high definition and editing and adjusting the movie as you like it.

When you start Movavi screen recorder, you'll see this window:

Starting from the left, you can select the size of your screen from which you will record the image. Then you should decide if you want to record the audio. Hit the red button ‘REC’ to start recording.

I recommend you to turn off the audio recording. Quality of the audio recorded from your speakers is really low. The better idea is to add the background music later.

Before capturing your movie, it’s good to adjust the settings.

To adjust the settings, click on  ‘Capture / Settings/ choose Video’. You will get the window above. Change the first option to ‘Online Video’, increase the frame rate to ‘60’ and choose ‘Full Size’. Then click ‘Settings’ and choose ‘Movavi Optimized Capture Codec’. These settings guarantee the best quality of your video.

Step by step - recording your Prezi

Recording a Prezi is really easy when you have the presentation downloaded on your computer in the portable version. Turn on your Prezi and make a full screen.

  1. Click REC
  2. Click on the presentation, move the cursor outside the screen
  3. Move the arrow on the right and then on the left to go back to the first slide. This should help to remove the bottom bar on the presentation with the arrows.
  4. Go on with slides clicking on the arrow on your keyboard
  5. When you finish capturing, press F10 and stop recording

You can now choose Edit to adjust your video, cut out some sections, add music and transitions.

You can also add fade-in and fade-out effects to video and music to create a smooth start and finish of your video. Click on the right mouse button and choose 'Fade In/Out'.

Decide how many seconds of the video should fade in and out and then click on 'apply'.

Now you are almost there, just save your movie in the proper format. Click 'File', 'Save as a movie' and then choose your format and codec. For YouTube video choose 'Online video' and then 'HD video for YouTube'.

Now your video is converted to the proper format. You need to copy the video to your flash USB drive, plug it in to TV and play.

Tip: If there is no option to loop the video in TV, you can make several copies of your video.


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