Weird Easter customs and traditions around the world

Verges, Spain

Citizens of this small village in Catalonia celebrate Easter Thursday in a very strange and grim way. Every year, they wear skeleton costumes, carry scythes, urns and participate in Dance of the Death Procession. It’s a really creepy medieval tradition…


Dance of the Death sounds scary, but nothing compares to bloody Holy Week customs in Philippines. Good Friday, the national holiday, is a day full of street processions and public self-flagellation. This tradition commemorates the torment of Christ, beaten by Roman soldiers before his crucifixion. Filipino people take their religion very seriously…

But the most horrifying events take place during San Pedro Cutud Lenten Rites. Every year, at least three volunteers are nailed to a wooden crosses. Through this brutal act of self-sacrifice, they ask God for forgiveness. Crucifixion is officially condemned by Catholic Church, but the tradition is stronger than that.


Let’s talk about less disturbing Easter customs. In Poland, on Easter Saturday, It’s customary to take baskets full of traditional Easter food (boiled eggs, sausages, salt and pepper etc.) to be blessed by a priest. Blessed food is eaten on the next day, during the traditional breakfast. Morning celebration begins with sharing eggs and exchanging wishes with family members and guests.

In Poland, Easter Monday is called ‘Smigus-Dyngus’ (Wet Monday). It’s a really weird tradition of pouring water on each other. In the past, it was a part of love advances – now It’s just a day-long battle between groups of teenagers running with buckets, bottles and water hoses.

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