About Us

Nice to meet you! We are Ziload, a small yet brisk team from Poland. Our mission is to provide you with beautiful Prezi templates and SWF graphics to make your presentations exceptional and unforgettable.

No matter who you are – a student, teacher, high-level business manager – we’ve got something special for you.

Everyone’s a storyteller. Everyone has a story. Just share it!

In January 2015 we won Prezi of the Year Award for our presentation. 

Team Ziload:

  • Adam Stachowski – founder and commander-in-chief of Ziload.com, Prezi trainer and graphic designer.
  • Mikołaj Jadach – creative and talented graphic designer.
  • Adam Jędrychowski – growth hacker, social media guy.
  • Anton Byelomyttsev – freelancer from Lviv, Ukraine.

Here is the list of our biggest customers: